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3 Steps to Prepare Your Pavement During This Spring From Concrete Pavers Experts

Preparing Your Concrete Pavement From the Warm Spring Weather

The long winter months can easily wreak havoc on various parts of your property. Your pavement, pipes, and any outdoor features can break down under fluctuating weather conditions. As the weather begins to warm up enough to make pavement repair easier, you should inspect your property’s pavement for a few concrete pavers signs that indicate a repair is necessary. To keep your pavement in excellent shape as the seasons change, follow these 3 steps to prepare it for spring and the weather conditions it will face in the next few months.

Check for Pavement Cracks

If your pavement went into the winter months with a few cracks, the winter weather likely made those cracks worse. If your pavement hasn’t been recently resealed, the water from ice and snow could seep into the cracks, freeze, and expand those cracks. Please take note of any pavement cracks that pose a risk to visiting vehicles and pedestrians and prepare to repair them before spring.

Look for New Damage

As you prepare your pavement for spring, inspect the area to see if any potholes have formed. Once any snow or ice has melted and salt and debris wash away in warm weather rain, you can get a better look at your pavement and any new damages. It would be a huge help if you also kept an eye out for any damages that may have resulted from de-icing materials, or the snowplow trucks.

Consult with an Expert

Sometimes, it can be challenging to spot damages and understand what you’re seeing. Additionally, even when you find the potholes and cracks, you may not know what to do next. To guarantee that you are making the best decisions for your pavement, you can schedule a consultation with professionals to understand what repairs are necessary, how long each repair will take, and what the expected costs are.

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