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Concrete Driveway Repair: Common Causes of Driveway Damage

Unfortunate Driveway Damages

The aesthetic of your property may be negatively impacted if your old driveway starts to exhibit signs of wear and tear over time, like cracks, chips, and discolouration. The most frequent reasons for driveway damage have been compiled by concrete driveway repair experts, along with recommendations for prevention.

Excessively Heavy Loads

A well-designed driveway can hold a lot of weight with ease, but that doesn’t make them unbreakable. Delivery trucks and other large vehicles can exert a lot of strain on your driveway’s surface, potentially causing cracks, breaks, and even potholes to appear. By being cautious about the kinds of cars you provide access to your driveway, you can lower the likelihood of damage.

Weather Conditions

It should not come as a surprise that the weather may have a significant impact on aging driveways given that they are continually exposed to the elements. For instance, pools of water that are allowed to collect on the surface of a driveway might seep into fractures and harm the underlying layers. In the meantime, deteriorating UV radiation can cause hairline fractures in ancient driveways by disintegrating some of their constituent parts. Using a high-quality sealer can prevent impurities from permeating the concrete and increase the lifespan of your driveway.

Shifting of Earth and Soil

The earth is always shifting and moving. Although these motions are imperceptible on a daily basis, they can eventually cause the soil under your driveway to move slightly, which can result in unevenness and driveway fractures.

Poor Construction

Poor construction is arguably the most frequent source of driveway damage. There’s a good probability that the driveway will start to prematurely show indications of damage if the initial installation was carried out using subpar techniques or if low-quality materials were used during construction.

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