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Concrete Driveway Repair Services Share the Impact of Tree Roots on Driveway Damage and Repair

The Impact of Tree Roots on Driveway Damage and Repair

Tree roots can cause significant damage to driveways, which can lead to costly repairs. Trees are a valuable addition to any property, but their roots can cause problems when they grow into driveways, causing cracks, lifting, and other damage. In this blog, concrete driveway repair services will discuss the impact of tree roots on driveway damage and repair.

Impact of Tree Roots on Driveway Damage

The roots of trees can grow in various directions, including horizontally and vertically, depending on the soil and the availability of water and nutrients. When tree roots grow under driveways, they can cause damage by:

Lifting the Driveway

Tree roots can grow underneath a driveway and lift it, causing cracks and uneven surfaces. The lifting can occur due to the growth of the root system, which causes pressure against the underside of the driveway. This pressure can cause the driveway to buckle, crack, or even break apart.

Causing Cracks

Tree roots can cause cracks in driveways by growing through the surface of the driveway or by causing pressure on the concrete. The cracks can widen and deepen over time, leading to further damage and the need for repairs.

Increasing Water Damage

Tree roots can also cause water damage to driveways by growing into the drainage system and causing blockages. The blockages can lead to standing water, which can further damage the driveway and surrounding areas.

Driveway Repair Options

When dealing with driveway damage caused by tree roots, there are several repair options available, depending on the extent of the damage. These options include:


Resurfacing involves adding a new layer of concrete or asphalt over the damaged surface of the driveway. This option is suitable for minor damage, such as cracks or minor lifting.


Replacing the entire driveway is necessary when the damage is extensive and cannot be repaired by resurfacing. This option is more expensive but provides a long-term solution to the problem.

Tree Removal

Removing the tree causing the damage is an option when the damage is severe and cannot be repaired by other means. This option should only be considered when other methods have failed, as trees provide numerous benefits to the environment and property.

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