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How Long Before You Can Drive on a New Concrete Driveway

How Long Before You Can Drive on Concrete?

Your property will look better with a concrete driveway, but you won’t be able to utilize it for long during installation. Continue reading to find out more about how long you may drive on concrete and the requirement for enough curing time for your concrete driveway.

How Soon Can You Drive on Concrete After Pouring?

Your contractor will allow the concrete driveway to cure after pouring it. The procedure of concrete driveway curing time enables the substance to strengthen and solidify. With the typical automobile weighing well over 4,000 lbs. It’s preferable to wait at least a week for your new concrete driveway to have enough tensile strength to carry a vehicle because pickup trucks can weigh as much as 7,000 lbs.

What Is the Average Cure Time for a Residential Driveway?

Curing Method

Your contractor will need to use a curing method to keep the concrete hydrated as it cures. Sprinkling water on the surface or using the forms to maintain a pool of standing water on the concrete are common methods of water curing. Water curing is the most common option for residential driveways, but it’s possible to speed up the curing process by using thermal methods instead. With this approach, a contractor will apply heat to speed up the chemical reactions happening in the material.

Type of Concrete

The type of concrete chosen determines how long it may be driven. Cement, water, and aggregates like crushed stone, pebbles, or gravel are the main components of concrete. To hasten the cure, you might use different solutions like cement with quick hardening. Because of these properties, the material gains tensile strength more quickly, allowing your concrete driveway to be used safely in as little as three days. The most popular choice for residential driveways is regular Portland cement, sometimes known as gray cement. Within seven days, you can usually drive on this material without risk.

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