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Interesting Things to Learn About Concrete Pavers

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Concrete pavers are made from concrete and are made in many different shapes and styles. They are found in various surfaces and materials and are used for both pavers and pathways. They come in various pieces and are either stamped or cut to shape. They can be cut to shape and used as a paver or can be laid in any other way that the designer wants. Take note of the different concrete paving designs you can go for.


This method is used to cut a design into concrete by stamping it using a die, this will then be used to stamp a similar design into the concrete, creating an intricate design.


This is the opposite of stamping, where patterns are cut into the concrete. Once these patterns are laid in the desired shape, they are filled with bituminous materials, and then the whole thing is finished.

Compacted Concrete

This is a mixture of concrete, gravel, and sand. They are used both for exterior and interior paving and are often used for patios and driveways. Compacted concrete is laid in a similar way to stamped concrete, however, with the addition of gravel and sand.

Exterior Compacted Concrete

Exterior compacted concrete is often used for walkways, pool decks, and patios, however, some use it for walls and other internal applications.

Pool Topping

This is a drop-in type of concrete and is made to be used by itself. It is made to top pools when a liner is not in place. It is made to the same specifications as a poured pool.

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