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Professional Concrete Services You Don’t Want to Miss Out!

Concrete work is quite difficult for some who lack the expertise for it. Thankfully, CMJ Concrete Contractors is around to fill that hole and provide a variety of services. Working for over 21 years, our services have been the choice of many in North Charleston, SC, including those in Woodstock, North Charleston SC. Not only can we deliver your complete satisfaction, we also strive to match it with a reasonable rate. You can count on us for:

Concrete Contractor

Concrete Contractor


Looking to construct a passageway from your garage to the main street? If so, concrete driveways are what you should have. With our expertise, a driveway will be installed just how you want it to be. So for professional driveway work, immediately call us!


Want to create a raised passageway that connects different sections of your property? Avail of walkway services. Our concrete contractor can construct a walkway that will definitely be a great addition to your residential or commercial building.


Commercial or residential, there’s no question that having a concrete sidewalk is a wise idea. It functions as an area where pedestrians can walk at the side of the road. If you need new sidewalks or pavements for your property in North Charleston, SC, reach out to us.


Here at CMJ Concrete Contractors, we take pride in our patio work. Patios are wonderful installations since they boost the value of a property. But more than that, it’s also a place for you to entertain guests while enjoying the outdoors — definitely an amazing structure to have.

Fireplace/ Fire Pit

Typically added to a concrete patio, fireplaces or fire pits are used to bring warmth. Fire pits can be used to cook some snacks like marshmallows. But during the cold night, it can be a source of heat for those in your household.

Restoration Services

Hire us when you need professional restoration services for your concrete or masonry features, and we will offer you modern, effective solutions for your project. Our team will use quality materials and achieve seamless results.

Demolition Services

Choose us for our prompt, effective demolition solutions and we will impress you. Using modern equipment and heavy machinery, our team can handle any such job, from demolishing concrete features and small walls to taking down entire buildings.

Other Services

While we mainly deal with concrete, there are also other services we specialize in: stucco and slab, brick and block, and hauling services. All of these are processes that are typically seen in construction projects. But regardless of the size of your project, when it comes to concrete and other services we offer, don’t hesitate to call us.

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