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Tips on How to Install Interlocking Concrete Pavers

Interlocking Your Pavers in a Unique Way!

Interlocking concrete pavers are the easiest way to transform your lawn. They’re made up of concrete, so they’re durable and long-lasting. They’re also easy to install, but it’s important that you follow these steps carefully so the process goes smoothly and efficiently:

Drain Your Yard From All the Moisture

The first step is to drain your yard from all moisture. You can use a garden hose or power washer to remove all moisture from your concrete, but this process will take some time and effort. If possible, it’s best to let the concrete dry out naturally over the course of several weeks by leaving the area exposed to sunlight and windy conditions.

Create a Stable Base

Create a stable base for the interlocking pavers. Use sand or gravel to create a level surface, then check that it’s level with a spirit level. If necessary, remove excess water from the sand/gravel mixture with a hose before installing interlocking pavers on top of it.

Lay Out Interlocking Pavers Evenly

To lay out the interlocking pavers, you will need to use a level. Place one end of your level on top of an interlocking paver and then weigh it down with bricks or stones. Tap the other end with a hammer or mallet until it is level. Repeat this process for all remaining pavers in your project area.

Use a Long Straight Level at One End of the Row

Once you have laid out your first row, you can move on to setting the last row. To set the last row of interlocking pavers, use a long straight level and place it on top of an interlocking paver at one end of the row. Check to see if it is level by looking at both ends of each individual paver in this new row. If any part of your paver is below or above level, tap it gently with a hammer or mallet until all sides are even.

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